Conversation, Inc.

Conversation, Inc. supports independent mentors in their engagement with the homeless, where they teach basic life skills, act as a logistical resource, and improve morale by regular human engagement.

About Us

Our Mission

Conversation, Inc. is committed to fighting homelessness in the greater Minneapolis area through one-on-one relationships. We believe giving homeless populations a human experience and genuine connection leads to stability and prosperity in their own life. Furthermore, we stand that a single conversation has lasting influence and the power to change someone’s life for the better.

We enable mentors with training and financial support


  • Basic safety training
  • Best practices for introductions
  • How to navigate a conversation and psychology of motivation
  • List of connections and available resources


  • Compensation for meal expenses when meeting with mentees (up to $20)
  • Provision of books, journals, and educational items to be given out by mentors